Raisa Breslava

is creating art, dance, intimacy, inspiration, empowerment, healing

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I am an unraveler. I like to unravel that which is getting in the way of one's beauty. I want to see more aliveness, more intimacy among us, more openness, I want to see more appreciation and respect, more connection!

I feel my job here on planet Earth is to take time to unravel the layers of bullshit that have built up over infinite time.  I use my sensitivity to heal myself and help others heal and embrace who we truly are underneath the layers of dust, deadness and limitation. I love us humans so so much and this planet, it's just full of so much incredible, diverse, mind-blowing beauty!

I feel my main gift to you is to be myself. To take time to be my real self by cleaning out all thats in the way of being who I truly am. The cleaner, stronger, the more balanced, the closer to myself I am the better I can help you. As I get stronger, deeper, more stable and more real I am catalyzing more strength, depth and realness in others. 

The forms in which I create:
- youtube videos/diaries, in which i currently explore the topic of SELF LOVE https://www.youtube.com/user/izrauta/videos
- art - written word, photography, dance and performance
- workshops on:
            - INTIMACY (with my partner Jamie), http://www.jamiecatto.com/what-about-intimacy
            - meditation, breath work, and group relating groups, (which I plan to launch again in Oxford in 2016)
            - online workshops (so you can join where ever you are on the globe! info coming soon)

I would like your support with gaining more skill and training in being a more succesful catalyst for tranformation, growth, healing, awakening, joy, beauty, creativity, release of emotion, intimacy and more. I would like to gain some skill and understanding in:
        - working with earthly forms such as: clay and ceramics making, working with fabric and painting/printmaking onto fabric, developing work with wood.
        - bodywork training - kick boxing,  Chi Gong, Mayan abdominal massage. 

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