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About Raya Kross

Hi, My name is Raya (aka Raisa).
I'm a watercolour illustrator.
I share my work and video of the creative process.

Why Support Me:
To help me to create more art and share it with you. A Patron of Art sounds so fancy and noble, and it's noble to support artist especially if you want to see more of the work you love.
What You Get in Return:
~ You will become an Art Patron and will get a badge from me that will remind you of what an amazing person you are.
~ Follow my art journey:
   - all the projects that I work on.
   - discounts in my store - when I have them you will get to know about it first
   - free stuff in your mailbox - depending on your pledge

What I am using the money for:
~ On basics: rent, food, etc.
~ Buying new tools and materials to make more art and record videos on how I do the art
Participation in art markets and exhibitions (entries there rarely free)
~ Make time to do illustrations for charity auctions

A few facts about me:
~ I finished an art school and have a degree in design
~ I was born in Russia, but relocated to Australia and now live in sunny Sydney.
~ I am a co-founder and active part of Across the Forest wedding photo and stationery, that we run as a family duo with my husband.

So, I hope I have covered all the basic info.
Want to know more about me and my work? Ask away!

There are lots of ways to follow my work on the web:
My Email
acrosstheforest.com.au - wedding stuff
raisakrossillustrations.com - my website
RaisaKrossPictures - my Etsy shop
RaisaKross_Illustrations - my Instagram
$9.07 of $300 per month
Make time off Work to Be Creative!
I will take time off work every week to create something new that I have on my mind. Be more creative and spontaneous. Try and explore new thinks and share it here. + Upgrade my 'tool box'.
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