Thomas Herrmann

is creating mechanical designs, photos, film and music.

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I came a long way through different industry, scientific and social jobs and continously tried to improve on my design, scientific and artistic skills.

History and Vision
Almost two years ago I started my own company "raise-UAV" as I needed a platform to bring all these abillitys in a professional context and to hopefully live from that. 
Since then I collected experiences in the industry and how it is done "right". However I didn´t felt happy with the path of a growing business with employees and the risk of larger debts and getting tied to the market instead of free visions and products. Instead of going big I went "home" and decided to amplify the open aspect that was considered at the beginning and has been there since making music and opened up the companys source as far as I can. This includes the mechanical designs, raw and processed video, my photos, music in single tracks and even 3D scenes I rendered different products in as 3D-scene template.

Why become a patreon?
You can help me keeping all of this alive with your contribution. The time for big commercial companys is running out,so let us raise humanity with open designs that are manufactured in a decentralized way.

I´m currently deploying the library containing all of my work to the Raise Homepage withpout any paywall directly accessible mostly through Fusion 360 and Nextcloud.

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