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Hello, all my art lovers out there!
I have been painting since my childhood with many accolades in my kitty during my journey as an artist. Well, I do call myself an artist because I believe that everyone is an artist within. The question is, how is one different from others. But art lovers know their style of work or at least what they want to draw. All they need is the right set of tools to equip themselves with and build upon what they have through practice. The result is satisfying when one looks back down the memory lane. From my experience, I have had a tremendous result within few months just by reading books, watching online videos, doing lots of hands-on experiments and enough practising.
Over a year or so, I have been practising watercolour for on a daily basis, almost, and now I confident enough to pass on my learning to the aspiring artists and art lovers. I have received enough encouragement from my friends and well-wishers to share my knowledge with all, hence I have started creating video tutorials. I would like to extend it not only to the YouTube users but to a much larger audience through various means. I would love to bring in quality work to my watercolour videos which will further improve the learning experience for the audience across the globe. I am gearing up for a serious of watercolour videos where I can make watercolour tutorials with greater quality. And to build this, I would require tremendous amount of time, effort and support from you all. What I am intending to build will be yours forever for free, where you will learn what you love. Your little contribution will add lots of values and will help the rest. I hereby welcome all the art lovers to contribute and help me build something for you. And I promise that it will help you immensely in becoming what better water colour artist, without doubt.

I can be reached through email – [email protected] for any questions and I will be glad to answer all your questions to the best of my knowledge. Love you all.

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