Raleigh Oak Charter School

is creating free public education guided by the principles of Public Waldorf
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Oak Leaves
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Oak Leaves provide critical support for our basic needs, including facility fees and building maintenance. 

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Acorns provide critical support for our basic needs while also funding school improvement and ensuring student success through classroom supplies and staff development.

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Squirrels help us create a purpose-driven, sustainable future by giving constant, reliable support for our school. They help us build our future home, manage the gaps between state and federal funding, and focus on our long-term success.




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About Raleigh Oak Charter School

Raleigh Oak Charter School is a community-initiated, environmentally conscious school guided by the core principles of Public Waldorf Education. Raleigh Oak Charter School nurtures the whole child through an integrated curriculum that cultivates each individual's innate creative, intellectual, emotional, physical, and social capacities.
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We'd like to gather 200 monthly patrons to support our school through the 2019-2020 academic year. Spread the word to family and friends! We are so grateful for your presence and participation.
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