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I've set a $1 per month minimum to give you freedom in choosing your level of support.  Please feel free to give more if you can.  You choose your own amount, and since my content is free anyway, there is no need for multiple tiers of contributors.  Thank you.



About rally moore

Welcome.  If you've landed here, you're probably already aware of my show, Ghosting the Machine--a playfully guided tour back to sanity through such topics as Taoism, consciousness, and freedom.  To see all of my content, please visit my website.  There, you will not only find a repository of all episodes to date (even those that don't make it to youtube), but I will be hosting a variety of other content as well, to include artwork, poetry, music, a glossary of terms and references, and ultimately educational videos dealing with subjects ranging from mathematics to martial arts to music theory to yoga and meditation.

This is obviously an ambitious proposal, and it will take some time for all of these things to come to fruition, so I beg your patience.  Your support can help to expedite things, however, which is the purpose of this page.  There will never be an obligation to give, nor will there be any patron-only or otherwise restricted content--your support is strictly a matter of your desire to contribute to the work that I am doing as well as your financial ability to do so.  Please do not feel at all compelled to give beyond your means.  If you choose to become a patron, you have my gratitude, and you will be able to set your own monthly contribution.  Thank you for your support, financial and otherwise.
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The first goal is to get some quality video equipment of my own. This is a (rough) cumulative amount, not a monthly earnings goal.
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