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"In the end, it is the unpredictability of life that makes us equal"

Greetings here Elias
You can gave me any idea for discussion and update game and we discuss about it with you

Head in the Clouds
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"I've become a titan of the industry, dealing with the many weaknesses of the flesh" ~ Reileen Kawahara

My respect to you Reileen
You will be responsible for the brothels in the game.


I will try to embody all the fun that you offer

United Nations Envoy
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"Its members are part intelligence operatives and part shock trooper, trained to adapt quickly after being re-sleeved into new bodies and new environments"

Hello Takeshi
In this Tier you can have your NPC in game, with your name, you prefer appearance, body modifications, location, character history and choose which storyline it will be assigned to your NPC


JavaScript developer since 2012, Vue.js enthusiast and now I am creating a game
The setting of the game is inspired by the book and TV series Altered Carbon, the books of the Exot series, the depth of plot decisions by Divinity Original Sin, the design of Warframe and my ideas on gameplay features
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Dev streams every 2 days
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