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You get a special rank in the RamafParty discord server because you are contributing to the game!

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Get all the previous rewards, and I will also add one of your ideas to Dream Flash! We'll work together to make your ideas fit and work in the best way possible!

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About Ramaf Party

Hi I'm Ramaf Party and I am the creator of Bloons TDX, the BTD Fangame that was popular in the Bloons community and had a ton of crazy and awesome stuff in it.

I have finished working on BTDX because I want to work on my new game Dream Flash. Dream Flash is gonna be an experimental boss rush rouge-like with a ton of content and depth. Making this game is gonna take a quite a bit of time to make, so I am gonna live stream the process starting from really early on to the end! Frequent updates is going to be key for the success of this game. Not only that but I plan on having early versions of the game starting sooner than you think!

With Patreon you can help support the creation of my new projects and let me know that there is support/an audience for it. So if your a fan of BTDX and Ramaf Party you can support my next project using Patreon!
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I'll do a live stream once a week on game development. I'll answer your questions and address your suggestions live as you watch me make progress on whatever I am working on.
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