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is creating a film & visual stories with a fox
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Come in, come one step closer, and embrace your ILLUSIA experience: All starts with the short film, allow the story to whisk you away, I’ll take you with me, behind the scenes, straight into my world of creations!

Follow the process to the long film of ILLUSIA, which reveals unique insights into my creative work, the people I meet, all those beautiful places we discover, and of course the spirit of ILLUSIA in all its multiple, beautiful moments. 

What you will get:

- Handwritten letters from time to time 

- Open community to give and get inspiration 

- Written stories or videos, insights & behind the scenes

- Get to know and meet Lica the fox

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Let me just tell you how wonderful you are! You are a vital part of this world, and as a spirit of ILLUSIA, you can take ILLUSIA places: You allow us to grow and expand. 

EVEN MORE INSIGHTS will come your way. Streetshows with Lica around the world, I organize film screenings and storyteller events, participate in festivals, interview inspiring people. We'll share these stories with you!

+ All previouse rewards. 

- watch the film, and chat with others in the forest.

- handwritten letters from time to time 

- open community to give and get inspiration 

- Videos with Lica the fox

- all the moving insights & stories (mentioned above)

- and whatever ideas I get

Thank you for taking the time to be here, to become involved and to share your thoughts and energy with us!



About Ramona Gastl


These questions guide ILLUSIA.

From my heart to yours: thank you for placing your feet on ILLUSIA soil. ILLUSIA is a forest of voices and visions on FREEDOM, TRUST and CONNECTION. We would love to hear yours!

ILLUSIA's forest!
It’s all about us.
A tree is a tree.
Many trees make a forest.

with all of you

ILLUSIA continues to grow.
Branches thickening, leaves rustling, roots deepening.

Let your voices echo through these trees!

make them rise
and fall
with the wind.

We hope you’ll be staying for a while.

Our visual heart and soul, Ramona Gastl, is working on a long film version, and we want to show you bits and pieces of its making along the way.

Ramona Gastl is a Photographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. Traveller.
She tells the story of a puppet maker from Siberia.

The ILLUSIA Story:
Vladimir Zakharov is a truly unique character, a creator of puppets and illusions, a storyteller whose voice makes its way into your heart.
For ten years he has been charming the people of Tomsk (Russia) with his spectacular creations. In 1991 he came from Usbekistan to Tomsk to achieve his childhood dream. Back then he wanted to build robots. Today he is an engineer, cyberneticist, actor and director – and he has built every last one of the things he surrounds himself with: His house, his repair shop, his theatre and his terrace. Most of the time Zakharov is lonely. At the same time he finds this solitude means freedom. When he is puppeteering in his theatre he expresses his burning desires.

A short film already, which will become a long film! Be part of the process! :-)
Watch ILLUSIA (short film) get access here on Patreon! (5:20 mins) Make a contribution to ILLUSIA's further development as long as you want.

Why Patreon?

This is a platform to build a community and involve you in the process of making ILLUSIA.
Patreon works like crowdfunding. You can contribute to our work on a monthly basis. This can mean that you spend $1, give as much as you like, or just follow ILLUSIA here without spending any money at all. You should know that you can put an end to your financial support at any time. So if you are not sure about your next month, don't worry, about that. You also can write us a message, if you want to participate differently.

All that remains to be said is: Thank you all so much! The fact that you follow, read and enjoy what’s happening makes us incredibly happy.

Becoming a part of ILLUSIA.
ILLUSIA develops further with more voices and visions on Freedom and Oneness. Your voices and visions.

Let’s find answers to the ILLUSIA question:

When you become a Patron, you…
… can watch the short film ILLUSIA
… follow the making of the long film
… get in touch with the ILLUSIA community
… receive gifts (like postcards, wallpapers, prints, …)
… support our mother earth by planting trees every month
… help ILLUSIA grow, you are a vital part of this world
… get support as a creator by yourself
… help create a concious & close community around the world

Plans and Events:
- ILLUSIA screenings while traveling (short film).
- Going back to Tomsk, Siberia in 2018 to shoot the longer version of ILLUSIA.
- Workshops, exhibitions, and small projects...connecting ILLUSIA-ideas across the globe.
- Field research connected to the question ARE LONELINESS AND FREEDOM CONNECTED, which touches upon all kinds of emotions: love, fear, bewilderment, anger…
- ILLUSIA Website - coming soon!

'I watched ILLUSIA four times and left touched and moved.' - Christiane

'You make things clear, without saying too much. That makes it magical. To let things open, but saying everything needed.' - Prach

'Wonderful pictures with an incredible depth.' - Christiane

'Great final shot! With the puppets hands and his face,
that it seems it is taking out the tears from him.' - Patricia

In case you are interested in becoming even more involved, get in touch.

Your feedback and ideas mean a lot to us, so please feel free to write.

11 of 50 patrons
You are part of this creation! Thank you for being here!

In January I was back in Tomsk and filmed Vladimir Zakharov for the very last time! A week after I got home, the master left this world. Now for many people, the film ILLUSIA is even more important! But his world continues to live.

As I built my own puppet 'Lica' last year with him, I'm creating a show as well. AS SOON AS WE ARE 50 PEOPLE HERE ON PATREON, I'll start a youtube channel with Lica, and create films with her wherever we are in this world! <3

What I continue:
- You find behind the scenes material and the making of ILLUSIA the long film. Step by step.
- I'm planting trees every month, the more people are connected with ILLUSIA, the more trees we can grow. Makes sence. Love it!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 71 exclusive posts
Audio releases