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Hello! Welcome to Ramona Art,
This is a place where you can watch videos of art being created and what process I take to get it finished. Ive been creating art for years.  I also travel and sell at various comic cons. I am an illustrator and comic book artist. During my experience's I've met many people and learned more about being an artist.
Lets get to the meat! What am i getting if i become a subscriber?

1. A look into my art
During my art creation you'll see behind the scenes videos of what I am producing for comic cons or art projects.  From simple sketching to ink and coloring.  Ill show you some tips and tricks if you need some help with your creations.

2. Have some fun with viewer request.
 ill select some viewer request to get some ideas on paper. 

3. Creating some comics
I have a few comic book ideas running around that I like to get on paper.  Even a fan fiction i always wanted to do.  Join me in watching me create story boards and comic panels to make the project real.

4. Comic Con and my experiences
Ive been in the comic con circuit for 7 years.  It took alot for me to finally burst out there and expose my art to people.  Hear my stories and watch videos about my adventures in the con circuit.  Also what I did to get customers and do's and dont's.

5. Come with me to con!
Check out videos of me at comic con and watch me go nuts there.

6. Rewards
As i roll with patreon i will be developing some reward tiers as a way of saying thanks :) keep on the look out for those.

I hope to make the page a casual place where you can see art and comics and have fun most of all.  Money funded will help keep the page going as well as new equipment.  I hope you find the page fun and enjoyable. 

0 of 50 patrons
When i hit the 50 goal I will give the first 50 patrons a colored digital wallpaper for there desktop.  Sent to them to there email address.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts

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