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Ah so you've received a flyer from one of my Church goers, and now am lookin' online to change yer life.  As a newbie to the Cult-Err, Church, you'll get the following!


  • You get my thanks! And help keep the art going!


  • See my artwork here first!  
  • And the sketches that lead to them!
  • Download high quality pics!


  • All my IN PROG(gress) pics will get posted here
  • Sketches that will only be here


  • Polls!
  • Thank You Pics!

Share the Wealth:

  • You get access to all and any Goals!
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Ah, so you've enjoyed the local cookout with my cronies-- I mean, Church goers...whew.  And now, you've decided to get baptized anew in the Cult -- Church of Ranarchy.   Yer following benefits as a Convert are bread, water, my Manifesto/our Bible and the following:


  • CONVERT only Polls!
  • 3-4 page Lewd comics!
  • Sai and PSD files!

Everything a Follower gets!




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About Ranarchy

Welcome, Welcome! I am Lord Ranarchy, curator and creator of these holocaustic nightmares, sadistic satire and perverted pathogens.....or some shit. Betwixt my time of Church Burning, Practicing the Dark Arts and learning the program the VHS to record episodes of Renegade, I spend a great deal of time drawing. And as it turns out, this drawing, has become a source of income for myself. But like most people in the arts...I've found that it's quite expensive for myself to produce work, while also requiring everyday needs such as food, shelter, coke and hookers, and I guess art supplies. Which have risen in price due to the overwhelming demand for Deviantart membership.
But thankfully, dear viewer, you can help! By donating a monthly some of money to me, I can get more art done, get more supplies, buy more ramen to eat, and keep the local pimps; Tron and Buckeye from cutting off my legs. I know that sounds a tad bit one sided, but fear not, as you will get some sweet perks in exchange. Goodies totally unique to my Patreon, such as never before seen artwork, in progress works, the antidote to the poison you just drank. All this can be yours! And much much more!

Support of Ranarchy, is the support of monsters, hot chicks, and other spiritual enlightment

And remember to support true independent art!

$0 of $300 per month
With an extra 300 dollars, I can go out and buy more art supplies, and keep my Sites updated more often!! (Like bi-weekly)

Work on makin' animated gifs!


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
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