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What is the purpose of my Patreon Page?

My Patreon page is a content hub, where I can release everything from articles to Podcasts, to huge sections of books that may take years to write. I'll also be using this page as a new community hub where people can contact me through the comments section and members of Patreon can reach me directly through private messages.

Why are you moving to Patreon?
Before I answer that, I'd like to say that the community Facebook pages that exist right now, and the blog will still be around, but for new updates and everything else, they'll point to Patreon. I'll still participate in the Facebook and Twitter communities, but the main content, the stuff you probably want to see most, will be available through Patreon.
For years readers have told me that I charge too little for my books, but I've always maintained that I charge what I think they're worth, and the market reacts well to independent authors who offer their works for a low price, and very poorly to someone who prices their work closer to $10.00. If I want to do this for a living, I have to play by the same rules as all the other Indie Authors with regards to business practices. That's where Patreon comes in. If you feel you would like to contribute more to supporting me, here's your opportunity. I can also offer extra benefits to you in exchange for your financial help.
Then there's the hard truth. I want to write Spinward Fringe novels, but I also want to work on other books, because that can't be the extent of my career. Unfortunately, writing those other books doesn't pay well, so I'm really only living on one book a year, the Spinward Fringe releases. I'll happily write one or two Spinward Fringe novels a year, I like writing for those characters in that universe, but I'm going to need support while I work on projects that I want to write for you that don't pay well (yet). By expanding my horizons I become a better writer, and I get to offer you a broader scope of entertainment.
Dark Arts, Brightwill, Highshield (the rough draft of that is available here in its entirety), and Chaos Core were projects that I learned so much from, and I brought that knowledge back to Spinward Fringe, enriching the series. I want to keep that going, to build on the Dark Arts, Brightwill and Chaos Core settings, but that's becoming more difficult, because they're books that release between Spinward Fringe novels.
Someday the Spinward Fringe series will end. All good things have to, and if I want to do this for the rest of my life (and I definitely do), I'll need people like you who enjoy what I write in and out of that series. Your participation in Patreon will help me finish the Spinward Fringe seires, start the next series in that universe, and build other series at the same time, like the Dark Arts series, or the realm of Brightwill. There are thrilling projects you haven't seen yet, and you'll be the first to experience them as my patron. So, Patronize me, and I'll write for you. Thank you for coming, listening, and for your Patronage.


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Thank you for contributing. You'll get updates on what's coming, what's arriving and where you can get finished projects (books, podcasts, and other things). 

This also opts you in to member only posts that you wouldn't be able to see otherwise, like complete novels that were previously serialized. More importantly, you get access to two chapters a week from serialized stories and novels, like Spinward Fringe Broadcast 12: Invasion. 

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I made this tier because fees take a lot of the $1.00 Supporter tier. At this tier all the fees are covered and there's actually a lot left in my tip jar. If you can think of a little something I could offer to enhance the Subscriber Tier so it's a little more worth while, then send me a private message. I'm thinking the few podcasts I release could become available to this and higher tiers first, but those come infrequently these days.
This tier definitely entitles you to every chapter I release, which normally come out on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Here Come The Books!
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If I complete work on a new novel, you get a copy before anyone else in multiple electronic formats. You will also receive an Electronic copy of Brightwill, Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins, Chaos Core Book 1: Trapped, and Dark Arts at the beginning of the next month following your pledge.

 You'll see content, like podcasts, days or even weeks before the other tiers or the general public.

You also get access to everything in the first tier, including Spinward Fringe Broadcast 12: Invasion.

Get Answers!
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At this level you receive everything in the previous tiers and more. As older books are re-edited, you get the new EBook versions. You are also guaranteed to have your questions addressed  in Q&A Podcasts. Keep in mind that I won't reveal future plot developments.

(This Tier was requested by a few supporters, so I'm opening it early. Thank you again for your support!) [Podcasting has been slow lately because I've been doing so much writing, but I will get more up as soon as I have time and when more questions materialize.]

$280 – reached! per month
Once this goal is reached, I'll begin releasing a series of podcasts that will give you the ultimate behind the scenes tour of what I do to write a novel then publish it. From conception to the copy on your shelf (or in your reader), this is the story of how I tell a story and if you're a writer, it should prove even more helpful. The series is partially complete already, and is expected to be at least 6 episodes long.
This series is now under way under the name: Randolph Writes, and is available to Tiers 2 and 3 first.

I will also add the Expendable Few and the first part of the Highshield Saga (when it's complete), to the pile of books Tier 2 Patrons get.
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