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About Random Nerds

Random Nerds aim at providing FREE academic support to beginners as well as professionals in Data Science and Machine Learning domain to achieve their dreams. We also aim to serve under-priviledged segment of brilliant minds who have access to internet but don't have financial backing to aspire and enroll in online or conventional education.

Blooming ed-tech start-ups do provide such assistance but have gradually turned out to be merely a business, instead of relevant value addition as quality content isn't free to access. Established institutions are no better! These sources segregate entire curriculum with an agenda to easily mint more of hard-earned money from student/professionals. Overall there is a huge chunk of potentially bright minds who don't get hands on quality education.

Hence Random Nerds decided to personally undertake this as a challenge and provide high-quality industry-standard practical knowledge to aspirants to excel in their career. With our years of experience in this domain, we ensure to provide everything from a quick-fix to learning a topic from scratch to covering full data science stack.

For now, we've been covering topics related to Data Analytics, Visualization and Machine Learning. Though our plan is to cover everything, right from navigating on a Spreadsheet to building a full-fledged website powered by predictive modelling techniques. Our primary choice of programming language is Python but with the patron community we're building alongside, we shall also support R language.

On an average, we completely devote ourselves for around 2 months to research, collect and collate our findings to bring forth fine-tuned state-of-the-art tutorials for kid/aspirants to benefit from. There are many sections of society who cannot afford to pay but we don't want them to be void of requisite knowledge, hence have been rigorously on this mission.

Random Nerds are going to keep pushing their limits continuously to accomplish their mission of free education for all, specially under-priviledged section of society. And with your support and contribution, we can speed up the process of content upload and spare ourselves time to do more for community. We want our patrons to come along and support with whatever they can. Happy Learning!

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