is creating videos on politics/culture & making spiritual abstract art

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About randomyoko

Hello/Konnichiwa from Japan

I'm Yoko, a Japanese female, living in Japan.
I'm mostly known as a YouTuber/personality aka randomyoko who is proud of her mother country.
I was born and raised in Japan, but I love American English/culture, music, art, politics, self-development, spirituality, health, my dog, smart/positive people, and YOUTUBE!!

Let me bring out my talent and shine; ignite my life.

When I was working full time, whichever workplace that was, people would ask me, "WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE WITH YOUR TALENT!?" - my music/language/art/counseling skills.
I wanted to ask the same thing, but I wasn't sure what to do. Yet, people kept telling me that I'm special and that not everyone has what I have, which means that I shouldn't waste them.
Long story short, now, I wanna make people happy with what I have.
I'm going to stop being a perfectionist with my useless standards I had made up and just take actions.
The problems I see I have, though, are my poor management skills and my poor financial status, which I hope can be handled through Patreon with your help! *written on 12/6/2016

Let's turn exciting ideas into reality together!

What if we could reach to the information we don't usually get? 
What if we could create a community of people with positive energy and talk about important/wonderful things in life?
What if you had a place to go to no matter what mood you're in?
What if you always had a place for inspiration?
What if we could keep going on our life adventure together as true friends?
Well, these can all happen if I get better at organizing/living my life! This will be a long journey for me, too, but if you have the patience, join my life and be my Patron!

P.S Tip from my patron

"Congrats on your Patreon page and thanks for the content these past months. An idea: some people might want to join the $10 or $20 clubs but might not want to be credited publicly. Those 'generous but shy' types can select the Nakama reward and then pledge a larger amount than $5."
*You can also choose if you want to get rewarded or not, it seems.

  Let's stick together for each other!  

Thanks for reading!

3% complete
Let's get Yoko out of her parents' house and make her live in the city for more activities and videos!
Maybe get her a driver's license too so that she could go to many places!
*Yoko has a school loan til the 50s, loans for health, lots of meetings at Izakaya etc plus she's a little high maintenance as her job is to show up in front of people. She needs to secure her future too.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts

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