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About Randy Lubin

Hi – I'm Randy Lubin, a game designer who loves making and playing storytelling games! Most of my games are lightweight and designed for one or two hours of play. My studio is Diegetic Games and all of my games are available under a creative commons license.

I'm thrilled that games can help players develop skills, strengthen relationships, gain empathy, and foster creativity. I aim to help players become better storytellers and more deeply understand the world around them. 

My current plan is to ship about two main games per year. All games I release through Patreon will be playtested, iterated, and have a professional design. I'll use this Patreon to share my early drafts, solicit feedback, and talk about my design process. Along with my main projects, I'll share microgames that won't count for pledge purposes.

Your help will enable me to release more games with higher production value. I'll be able to commission art and pay collaborators. All my games will be released under Creative Commons licenses – they'll be free to share and remix and I would love for you to hack my designs!

I'm most excited about engaging with you as I prioritize projects and make difficult design decisions. I hope you join me on this adventure!


My games tend to be mechanically simple and require zero prep. They range from tabletop games to freeform larps. You can find finished games and drafts online at Diegetic Games.

Many of my games are about exploring specific elements of storytelling. Plotypus generates epic plots, Panorama fractally creates setting, and Premise sequentially explores setting, character, and plot.

I've also made games that explore specific types of stories or genres. Hackers + Hustlers is a Silicon Valley farce, The Idealist weaves a personal tale of power and corruption, Good Morning Magicland has players creating a fantastical land by playing out shows on a local access TV Network.

Recently, I've started making short freeform larps where players move around a physical space as the characters. Across the Border is about covert border crossings and has players walking around their neighborhood; Among the Mortals has players vying for the fate of humanity as they people-watch in a public space.


I have a huge list of game ideas that I want to fully develop. I'll be working with my backers to prioritize that list and decide what to make next. Tell me what interests you!

Here are some designs I'm excited to work on:
  • Behind the Magic – a fantasy mockumentary about incompetent adventurers
  • Chaos is a Ladder – play a schemer who is trying to gain power and influence through manipulation; inspired by Littlefinger on Game of Thrones
  • Duetta – a system for short (30 minute) two-player adventures that connect to a persistent setting you share with many other players
  • Under Observation – An asynchronous game played chain-letters (or chain-videos)
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I'll record / stream a play session of each game I release.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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