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About RankeyApp

We are 2 Board Games and Card Games enthusiasts, our games library is constantly running out of space

We are developing the Rankey app to help Keyforge players get all the stats and info about their decks in one place with very user focused experience.
Right now we have our initial V1 of the app ready on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store, with a great way to collect your decks straight from the official Keyforge App, where you can see deck details, save your decks and see all your cards. We plan to have many more features and becoming a patron you will certainly have the opportunity to influence that list of priorities.

Rankey was born as an app that we would like to have ourselves, but decided that others might appreciate it too. Having said that, all the development and running costs are paid by us and becoming a patron you can help us keep this side project going.

We use the Decks Of Keyforge API (decksofkeyforge.com) for their great SAS and AERC stats. If you haven’t checked them out, go have a look.