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You're special, indeed! Rankey has thousand of users and you're now part of a selected group of people that contributes to make Rankey something real. We are hugely thankful for your support and we are more than delighted to shout out to the world that we have you as our backer!
You have the option to include your name as a backer on Rankey's website.

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Or should we say "Ran-Key Maker", right?
The Rankey user community deserves the best and we recognise you as a great contributor to help us prioritise and test new features having access to ultra-top-secret insider information of future releases.
Beyond all benefits offered to Mavericks, the Key Maker backers also have the opportunity to join our Beta Test users group and vote on the next big thing.

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The Vault Keeper are the Rankey backers that are strongly engaged with the purpose of the project: create the best companion app for KeyForge player.
You have the option to include your name as a MAJOR backer on our website and Rankey App.
Rankey has thousands of users worldwide and, consequently, a large number of comments, suggestions and feedback.
Beyond Mavericks and Key Markers pledges, Vault keepers jump the queue and have priority support.




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About RankeyApp

Do you like KeyForge?
We love it!
Each new deck we bought is a tremendous event! We like to flight through its cards, or see its stats on Decks of KeyForge, and figure out how to combine cards to crush someone's other decks.
However it's not exactly practical to go around with our collection to have a quick look while commuting to work or at GP's waiting room, especially when it gets slightly large. It's even hard to keep them organised. Where to keep a list of my top decks? Or how to keep track of my favourite ones?
Rankey was created to address all these familiar problems to KeyForge players.
Organising and keeping track of your KeyForge decks is easier than ever. Checking their stats and moving them around lists is simple as reply to a message or archive an email on your mobile phone.
We are 2 board and card games enthusiasts that have been longing for an app such as Rankey to exist so we took our spare time to bring it to Apple and Google App stores for free to the whole KeyForge community!
Your contribution will be immensely helpful for us. It will help us handle all involved costs to keep an application available and in constant enhancement.
And, seriously, take a look again at the top of this page: what other app do you remember to look as awesome as Rankey looks like? ;)

We use the Decks Of Keyforge API (decksofkeyforge.com) for their great SAS and AERC stats. If you haven’t checked them out, go have a look.

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