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Welcome to Ranmabooks! As an RHB Trainee, you are the humble foundation of the Anything Goes School of Perversion and have the following abilities:

  • Access to most art updates!

Trainees enjoy Classic Content (Remastered RHB art in the highest resolution we can offer), Specials, and Remastered Comic Content.

Trainees are vital in keeping Ranmabooks running, but have no voting power in our polls or special abilities.

One could solve this by falling into a Cursed Pool of Jusenkyo (not recommended) or upgrade their pledge amount (highly recommended)! ^_-


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You've caught Akane's eye and she's adopted you as her 2nd favorite pet, behind P-chan. Enjoy the cuddles, but avoid the cooking!

As an RHB Disciple, you have the following abilities:

  • Everything in the previous tier!
  • Voting Power in RHB polls!
  • Access to Patron-Exclusive Content voted on by the community!

Unlike Trainees, RHB Disciples have a voice in the creation of our Patreon art and a say in which art pages are released!

If you would like even more say in the content we create, Nabiki encourages you to upgrade your pledge amount. She's always on the side of money! ;)


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Your contributions to our pervy quest have earned you the title of RHB Warrior! Like Shampoo, you're a part of an Ancient Chinese Amazon tradition of kicking butt and serving wet noodles! ;)

As an RHB Warrior, you have the following special abilities:

  • Everything in the previous tiers!
  • Double Voting Power in RHB polls!
  • Access to the Patreon Convenience Archive!
  • Early Access to Remastered Comic Content!

As one of our most devoted supporters, Warrior votes count DOUBLE (2x) in polls, reflecting their considerable influence in the creation and release of RHB Patreon art!

Perhaps best of all, Warriors get access to the RHB Convenience Archive! There, RHB Warriors & Masters can easily collect all Patreon and Social Media art we've released that month and every previous month! No need to hunt through dozens of news update posts to collect it all! "Mr. Panda" approves this tier! :)




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About Ranmabooks

Ranmabooks is a non-profit community of artists and fans who are dedicated to creating naughty Ranma art!

Our Patreon page was formed in December, 2018. As a new endeavor, we shall begin with the monthly release of select classic art chosen by our patrons via poll. As we meet milestone goals, we'll begin creating Patreon-exclusive art!

Until then, think of this place as a "Tip Jar" to help support the artists and team bringing you Ranma art. As much as we'd love to offer grandiose rewards daily for everyone, we're just starting our journey on Patreon, which means we have to keep modest goals. Any and all help is MASSIVELY appreciated and might help us to maybe - just maybe - start producing high-quality exclusive Patreon art!

If you like what we do here, you can also support us over at the flagship website.

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me (Deep Star), SHADE, or the other members of the RHB team! Thanks for your support!

DISCLAIMER: All characters presented on this Patreon Page are depicted to be age 18 years or older. No dark content which would violate Patreon TOS can be requested or posted. Thanks for your understanding, please enjoy the art!
$420.93 of $500 per month
When we reach $500 in monthly support, we'll triple your pleasure! There will be 3 Patreon-exclusive pinups released each month, the content of which will be influenced by our community polls!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 405 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 405 exclusive posts

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