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Completed phase:
CGs drawing - 100%.
Current phase: Sprites drawing.
Status: Ongoing.
Sprites drawing progress: 0%.

Incoming version: v0.8

I recommend you to join my Discord so we can discuss things and get your question answered.

Welcome to our patreon, the original page of a hentai game called 'the Curse of Pleasure'!

The game is currently under development and will be updated regularly.
It was, is and will always be 'free to play' to everyone.


...Alright, who are you?
I'm RanneRo, a not-so-bad artist, an awful writer and a Jon Snow in everything else.
I'm a manga artist but all my works are for free but I can't keep going on like that forever so... patreon!

...And, what's on the table?
Let's keep this simple, you play as a female adventurer, who has a little brother. You all live in a small village and sometimes, you will get some troubles and have to solve some others' troubles (as we were doing in real life).

...What makes it different from billions of games out there?
*Cough* M- My art-style... *cough*
If you love running around and get your breasts groped for no reasons, you should give it a try. The game also has animation scenes which are drawn frame-by-frame, not some quickie programmed 2D artworks, classy bois!
Besides, the story is very thrilling and guilty with many Komokan (having sex behind someone's back) acts, which is a plus in a Netorare story-based games. Yes this game will make you feel excited yet guilty at the same time.

...Why should I pla-
It's free man, it won't bite.

Ok, so where can I download the game?
It's up above of this post, if you like it please leave a comment and support us :)

Last thing, why can't I get to view some 'patreons-only' posts?
Most of them are visible to public but due to Patreon's policies about inapproriate contents, I can't show it to non-patreon visitors.

You guys can find me at:




$2,536 of $99,999 per month
Just kidding, no matter how much I'd earn I'd be still working on this game, finish it, then start another project with more people developing it, more resource and give it our best.

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