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is creating open source Rust software

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I've been doing open source software for well over 20 years. These days, I'm especially actively involved in the Rust community, contributing to core infrastructure and creative tools. Perhaps my best known project is xi-editor, which is still in early stages but has the potential to become a rich and responsive tool for programmers. I also maintain pulldown-cmark and a number of other Rust libraries, and am working on a new GUI toolkit called druid.

I was at Google for 11 years, and did open source both as my main job and in 20% projects. These days, I'm going out on my own, creating a video game with music synthesis as a core mechanic. I'm planning to sell the game commercially, but do the synthesizer and Rust infrastructure work as free software with a permissive license. Supporting me on Patreon is a way to vote for me spending more time on free software work to benefit the community, especially the pieces that I don't otherwise have plans to monetize.

Follow my blog for writings about my Rust work, audio synthesis, and other topics.
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