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My sincere gratitude, plus access to my private activity feed where I post thoughts and reflections that didn't become blog posts, humorous poetry, occasional behind-the-scenes things like videos of me wandering my frozen Canadian hometown, and updates on things I'm doing.


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Everything in the previous tier, plus your own e-copy of You Are Here:  A Modern Person's Guide to Living in the Present.


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Everything in the previous tiers, plus a 25% discount code for any Camp Calm course, and your own e-copy of Making Things Clear: A Brief Guide For People Who Think Meditation Is Hard




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About Raptitude

Hello! Welcome to my Patreon Page.

If you’re here, you probably know me already. But in case you don’t, I’m David Cain, and I write a blog called Raptitude: Getting Better At Being Human.

My goal is to help people navigate the wondrous and turbulent experience of being a human being. We’re all taking this long, strange trip together, and I think we should compare notes.

So I share mine on the internet, and many of you share yours too, in comments and emails. That exchange is what Raptitude is all about.

Join the Raptitude community

If you like what I write and have found it helpful, please consider supporting it by becoming a Patron. That means you pledge a small amount of your choosing, as little as $2 a month, to help keep the lights on over my writing desk. In return, you'll get some lighthearted rewards and become a part of Raptitude's fan community.

Once you become a Patron, you’ll get access to my private activity feed, which contains such goodies as:

  • stray thoughts and reflections that didn’t make blog-post status
  • tiny poems I write
  • exceptional things I find in obscure corners of the internet
  • occasional behind-the-scenes exclusives, like little videos of me wandering around my frozen Canadian hometown
  • a place to discuss, collaborate, and bounce ideas off each other

At higher tiers there are more rewards: selections from my small fleet of ebooks, and discounts on Camp Calm and other things I’ve made. At certain tiers, I’ll write you a haiku poem on any topic you choose, or I'll make you a personalized card out of construction paper, or perhaps we can even get together for tea over Skype and discuss philosophy or time-travel or anything you fancy.

You can contribute at any level you like, and you can change or cancel your contribution any time.

Why Patreon?

All creative work needs to be funded in one way or another, or else the creator can’t continue to do it. They must either put up a paywall, surround the work with third-party ads, or infuse it with sponsored content.

Patreon gives us a better option. It allows people who love a creator’s work to support it directly and voluntarily, at a level that seems reasonable to them.

If you value a thing someone is creating, you might decide to pay a small amount each month, if only to help ensure the continued creation of that thing. You decide what's reasonable.

This is a much better system for everyone, because the value exchange happens directly between creator and fan, rather than getting filtered through a third-party advertiser that neither of us wants involved.

For the monthly cost of a coffee—or if you're so inclined, a deluxe burrito—you will be supporting the work you love, and freeing us all from The Man. Plus you’ll get access to some extra things, and become part of a community of fellow fans.

Patreon Support = More Raptitude

Your contribution helps free up my time so that I can focus on creating more and better things for you. With more time I can make more elaborate posts, including those ones with hand-drawn graphics, which are intensely time-consuming but so much fun. Once this thing gets going, the sky’s the limit – a book, a podcast, a world tour?

If you appreciate Raptitude and its message, consider becoming a member of our community. Whatever you can offer is graciously welcomed, and I'll do whatever I can to make it worth your while. Thank you for sharing this journey with me so far.

$1,484.74 of $1,500 per month
At this level I can finally hire someone to update the site design. I will keep it old school, but it's about time for a new look. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 57 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 57 exclusive posts

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