James Sharp is creating Comics & Art

Super Rad

$2 /mo
Thanks for patronizing me! wait...that doesn't sound right. 

Fancy Pass

$5 /mo
Behind the scenes access! Online sketchbook,  extra art pieces, sneak peaks and early pages. And you’re still rad. Maybe even 2.5 times as rad. Does rad scale linear or exponential? 

Beer after the show

$10 /mo
  All that plus:


- Pdf copies of the comic every time I have the content for an issue

- A monthly online hangout where you can ask questions while I draw, make drawin...



$20 /mo
Every time I have enough content for an issue you get a hard copy print in the mail. Includes a custom drawing in the front, artists signature, and a nice note (if you’re at the top of the pile, or...

Master Patronizer

$60 /mo
Dang person, that is crazy generous! Obviously you get everything I already mentioned, but we are going to throw in 2 more pieces of sweetness here. 

First, you will get your name pr...


I will have your babies

$250 /mo
You’re crazy, but I like it. 

I will make you a custom portrait.  Could be you, could be a friend, maybe that one character from that one movie you always wished was you friend. No c...