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Guess what? No, you didn't win the lottery, but now every month you will receive a personalized Greeting Card (instead of a postcard) created from the photo of the month. That is a 5"x7" framable photo print delivered to your mailbox. How cool is that?

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Needless to say that you will receive access to the Community Group on Facebook, the 5"x7" framable photo Greeting Card, and of course, the brownies, and all the downloads. But wait, there is more.

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For the past five years, people have enjoyed my images and stories that I have posted on my blog and social media. They have enjoyed not only the stories I tell about places I visit, people I meet and the pictures I take, they are intrigued about how I manage to live this lifestyle.

Over the years, I have taken many trips, some short, some long, some planned, some unplanned, some with a theme, and some just because. I have worked on the road as I traveled and people have been intrigued about how I do it. I have from time to time talked about how and why I do it. The short and sweet answer is, Freedom! It's all about the Freedom Lifestyle - Living the way I want to live, and creating work to accommodate just that.

There are many who would dream of doing that, and for whatever reason they are not able to do it, so they love it when I am able to do it and talk about it. So, from time to time people have sent me unsolicited donations because they felt that my stories and images enabled them to live and travel vicariously, and inspires them to continue to pursue their dreams. And it inspires me to continue to go on and help more people enjoy through me what they can't, or wish that they could someday. So I continue to blog and post on social media.

I am starting this Patreon page, so you too can go on a trip with me, virtually and vicariously. So you too can get a taste of Freedom Lifestyle. I will share my escapades here, and elsewhere, just as I have been doing all along. They say it is better to give than to receive, and I love giving whatever and whenever I can, but now I want to help others have the privilege of giving too. Through this platform, not only will you continue to receive everything I have to give, you will also have the opportunity to give back if you so desire. 
And should you choose to give, you will receive more in return because your giving will enable me to create meaningful and practical content and material to help more people make the move into the Freedom Lifestyle, in addition to the usual stories and images that I create and share. It is a win-win-win scenario because you get to choose how much you want to contribute, or if you want to contribute.

I intend to use the Historical Route 66 as a background for this project for a year, starting on July 15. Every time I've talked about going on a trip along the Mother Road, as it is known, my friends and family's reaction fell in one of the two categories. One, there is so much done about Route 66, what else can you create that is different? and two, it is on their Bucket Lists.

I know that there is so much information about Route 66 online already, but, that's not what I am creating. I am simply providing you an opportunity to go on a virtual trip along Route 66, up, down, and around it, trough the changing seasons of the year. We will be going on a journey of a lifetime for both of us. I have always wanted to do it, and I have traveled most of it over the years, but not all of it, and not in one trip. And never during different times of the year.

Please understand, everything here is available to everyone free of charge, but, when you support me, we both win. First, we both get to go on an epic journey together. Second, I get to do what I enjoy the most, which is helping and inspiring people, and create beautiful photos; you get to be a patron a la Royalty that supported Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus on their journeys, and receive the benefits in form of stunning photos that you can frame and hang in your home and videos that you can watch over and over. In addition, you will get to participate and benefit from educational products that will be created in the process for you and others who want to live a Freedom Lifestyle.

Just check out what you get at different levels of support and choose the one that fits your budget, needs, and desires. And if you can't provide support right now, hey, no problem, you can jump in anytime you feel like it. You get to enjoy the journey regardless.

All aboard!
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You got to start somewhere. When we achieve this goal, we will have attained our first success milestone. Success builds more success
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