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Rastafari Visions is a collection of paintings that were created over the span of approximately thirty years by the artist Ras Jahaziel I Iktor Tafari after his experiences in the lofty heights of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica and then being captured and thrown into the dungeons of Spanish Town District Prison where he suffered the humiliation that was typically meted out to Rastas of that day: trimming and imprisonment.

From that time the artist has been creating a body of work driven by the intention that
it should be used primarily as an educational tool
in the struggle to make planet Earth a better place.

This is a holy sacrifice that has involved resisting the pressures of the market place in order to retain control of the Originals, so that they could be presented
as a collective body of work telling a comprehensive story.
The image below and the videos that follow show some of these paintings as they would appear in a gallery setting.

The mission of the artist is to make this virtual gallery a real physical location where these paintings and others that are currently in progress can be of benefit to the education of present and future generations.

This is the mission and the vision,

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