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Modding Games. Making Well Designed Games. Keeping Things Simple.

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Evil Genius - Gameplay Overhaul Mod
Personal Game Development Website

Money Spending
  • Finishing House (No Insulation, Exposed Walls, Constant Cold).
  • Heating (Removing the Space Heaters, Reducing Bill Cost).
  • Food and Bills.

Project Goals

  • Create Underworld, RTS God Game Based on Greek Mythology.
  • Create Underworld Mercenaries, Space Game.
  • Merge Underworld and Underworld Mercenaries.

Project Milestones
  • Strong, Simple Core Gameplay.
  • High Moddability, Eventual Source Code Release.
  • Long Term Support, High Polish, Content Updates.

  • Build a Prototype Release.
  • Make Content Count.
  • Release Development Updates, Avoid Ruining the Experience.

  • Streamline PCGamingWiki Pages.
  • Share Knowledge.

I'm not creating a game with a million planets or with a million fetch quests, all the content needs to be highly polished and fun.

I will add more details on this page when I can get a better idea of what I should write, ask anything and question everything.
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Escape From Poverty.
Pasta, Heating, Bills, Full Time.
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