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For the low sum of only $1 per month (feel free to give more if you’re a superfan 😜), as a Co-Producer of Rated Q you will receive early access to all public episodes (excluding those shared by Script Magazine), any and all secret Patron-Only Episodes, review suggestions and voting rights, shout outs, and our coming-soon game streaming on Twitch (including “Gaming With Grandma!”)—along with our undying gratitude and copious thanks.
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About Rated Q

Rated Q is a fun, family friendly father-and-son movie review podcast in which a 6 year-old named Quentin and his screenwriter dad Jay discuss the latest movie they've watched. Episodes generally run between 10 and 15 minutes, and are (probably) suitable for all ages. *Spoilers* within as we cover not only premise, plot, and characters of these films but may also touch on theme, tone, structure, foreshadowing, dramatic irony, and all of the other myriad elements at play in a dramatic work—making the podcast not only an entertainment but an educational primer on cinematic storytelling.

We truly thank all of you who support the show, and especially the young fans who will grow with us.

To Infinity and Beyond!

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