Rated Ehcs

is creating lewd drawings
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About Rated Ehcs

Hey there! I'm rated ehcs (pronounced as the letter "x"), but most people call me rated. I like cats, chocolates, and drawing lewd things. Your support will mainly help me do more of the latter, though I can't promise not to buy chocolates or eventually get myself a cat.  

Apart from the wonderful feeling you'll get by supporting a person's dream of drawing naughty pictures for a living, Patrons will gain access to my Patreon feed (posts of all commissioned artworks that are within Patreon Guidelines), the option to purchase any of the YCH from the YCH Collection Folder, along with the associated discord role for your chosen tier.  

B-Cup Patrons and greater will gain access to a Art Pack channel on discord. On this channel, I've posted monthly art packs from the past year. While the older art packs have shrunken images (1000 x 1000), I've recently started posting the newer art packs in a higher resolution (2000 x 2000). 

Patrons that manage to snag the limited C-Cup tier will get a monthly sketch from me. The sketch can either be of a chosen YCH or they could instead opt for a random pose that goes along with the announced Theme of the Month.

YCH stands for "Your Character Here". They're predrawn poses where you're given the option to choose which character gets to be featured in said pose. If interested, available YCH poses are compiled in the 

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