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I am a computer scientist and software engineer with background in formal semantics, program verification and compilers. I am also interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. (You can read my full bio here.)

I happen to be the author of Cashu, a non-custodial open-source cryptocurrency mobile wallet supporting 30+ digital assets. Its source code is fully available on GitHub.

I set up this page because I would love to devote more of my time to open-source development. Basically work on things that I find relevant, as well as made them available for others to use, study, scrutinize, extend or simply get inspired. For the benefit of all.

If you appreciate or sympathize with my effort and work, please consider becoming a supporter. This is the best way to help me carry on new ideas, projects updates and bug fixes in a timely manner.

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I'll be able to devote 10+ hours per week to open source projects.
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