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Thank you for supporting me! On this level you get access to the newest Shelter build before the  public release!

> You also get an invitation to our awesome Discord den which is a place full of great people so come and bork hi!

> Plus you get your name in the credits at the end of the current build's message and in the credits roll at the end of each story route!

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$8 / month

Thanks, mate! On this level, on top of getting the Shelter build before anyone else and an access to our Discord den, you'll get:

> access to voting in our Patreon polls. I want you to decide on certain details for the game this way. Like, Teak's, Thistle's and Cooper's breeds were chosen through the polls!

> LVL 2 role in our Discord den granting you access to the channel with WiPs, drafts and sketches on assets I'm working on!

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$15 / month

Oh my dog, even more stuff!! On top of getting the newest Shelter build, being invited to our awesome Discord den, having the right to vote in the polls and all the other stuff, you'll get:

> LVL3 role in our Discord den, granting you access to the channel with Test Builds of Shelter and one with the up-to-date Unlockables Chart guide!

Includes Discord benefits



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100% complete
I will implement the Gallery into the game. At first it will include the character sprites, backgrounds, CGs and music. Over time, I'd like to add extensive bios for each character and a story tree graph thing that will show you exactly which scenes you haven't seen yet. All of those elements would be unlockable through gameplay.
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