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About Nicole 'Raven' White

Nicole (Raven) is a lover of art and believes that it can reach the deepest depth of our soul and help us feel more connected, alive and inspired. She believes that art is a therapy that can be stronger than words and available to everyone!

I love to inspire people to paint, draw, sculpt, write and create in their own unique way. We all need a little sunshine (Vitamin D) and Vitamin Art!

I love art as much as I love to share it with others. Having been a teacher in some way/shape or form since high-school, it's fun to deliver information in a chewable form.

In a recent LIVE watercolor class, the students mentioned how many of them have gone to a 'well known' watercolor artists workshop and was frustrated about not 'getting it'. They then mentioned how wonderful it was to be taught watercolor from someone who knew how to break it down into doable-chunks and then have them learn by doing. They were also inspired to see all the little gems in their own paintings and how to find their own voice! Her favorite feeling is that of being able to create and give value... it really is a float-on-a-cloud feeling. 

Having over 15 years of experience of being an Art, Life and Health Coach - I love being able to reach people and teach them the skills they are looking for in their own way.

Nicole loves clouds! The best way to embody this is to think of the movie Amélie and the scene where little Amélie is taking pictures of the clouds which to her are shaped like animals.

Once I thought "there are a million paintings of clouds, why should I paint them" then the thought came in, "so now there are a million and one" - my heart smiled and painted on!

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