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  • You'll receive early access to content I make. I often have videos stockpiled in preparation... to be uploaded once a week, over several weeks. For this pledge, the moment I finish a video, I'll upload it and you'll see it before anyone else.
  • Sometimes old content gets copyright blocked on Youtube... and sometimes videos never make it past the upload process. For this donation, you'll be able to check out stuff that's TOO HOT FOR YOUTUBE.
  • If you're a part of my official Discord group, The DisCAWWW, you'll be a part of an exclusive group of users known as the CAW CAW Crusaders. You'll get a shiny colored name in chat to make you stand out, and you get access to a private group where you can talk with other Crusaders as well as me directly. Yay!
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  • Early access to content
  • Exclusive group & channel in my Discord.
  • Some videos/mashups take me months to complete... some have even taken up to a year... for this pledge, you'll get a special look at work in progress samples and demos of things I create.
  • I livestream on occasion now, so for this tier, you'll get a link to the archived livestream video in full. It'll usually consist of work in progress stuff.
  • After your first pledge payment has gone through, I'll message you a link to a download archive of all of my SOMETHING'S. Can't say what specifically, because legal schmegal... but you know what I'm saying here, lol.
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per video
  • Early access to content
  • Exclusive group & channel in my Discord.
  • Work in progress/Demo footage of videos & mashups.
  • Livestream Archives
  • High quality mp3 downloads of SOMETHING. *wink wink, nudge nudge, say n'more*
  • My undying gratitude. Truly, the greatest reward of them all.
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Hey guys, RavenCyarm here. I've been a Youtube content creator for almost 7 years now and I've had a blast entertaining you people.

I create satirical and humorous videos based off of professional wrestling, (most notably WWE) as well as mixing and mashing together entrance music and other popular music... an avenue that I've had enough success in, that with the help of my fans, I landed a contract with WWE, where I created several pieces of content for their Youtube channel.

While I was honored to be a content creator for WWE's Youtube channel... the restrictions and pressure I felt caused me to not particularly enjoy creating the content I did... so I opted not to resign when my contract was up. This is one of the reasons I'm starting a Patreon... you can support me as I entertain you, and I'll have all the freedom in the world when creating your content.

Now, before you start hopping on the "RAVENCYARM IS GONNA RIP PEOPLE OFF AND RESTRICT CONTENT" bandwagon... this couldn't be further than the truth. Non-subscribers to the Patreon will not notice any difference in the amount of content I upload to the channel. Patreon will allow people who enjoy my work and want to support me to receive bonuses... such as early access to my content... as well as things that other super fans would enjoy.

If you'd like to support me, then I can't thank you enough. It's fans like you that make me enjoy what I do.
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This is how much I'd need to be able to 100% focus on the channel. It would cover all my expenses and this would go from being a hobby to my job. Which would be pretty cool. :3
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