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Hello all 
Thank you for checking out my page and thank you for any donations you have made, they are very much appreciated and will be put to good use. 

The aim of all of my videos is to help educate, Bushcrafters, Survivalists, Campers, Backpackers, Outdoorsmen and women etc, in the skills to enable them to live comfortably and safely in the wilderness. 

Also on my page I cover DIY gear, different gear options for sale, adventures, common myths and what ever else I feel will be good subject for people see.

I have 6 years of bushcraft experience and 5 years of military service with the British army. 2 tours and multiple training exercises meant, I spent a great deal of time sleeping and living in the wilderness. Afghanistan has some of the most beautiful starry skies I have ever seen.

Join me on my adventures and help me reshape the mindset of modern day folk. 
If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to ask and I will get back to you asap.

Thanks again


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