is creating Videos in Vietnam and programs on MakuluLinux.
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About Raymer

I create interesting Videos on the Vietnamese Culture and record all my travels around Asia, I am also the Creator of MakuluLinux.

  • Youtube : I have spent a few years now in Asia, traveling around China, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Vietnam. Unlike most travelers i don't spend majority of my time between foreigners or at foreigner hot-spots, Most of my friends are all locals, my relationships are with the locals, I learn their cultures, their ways, their logic. My videos are mostly concentrated on the cultures i encounter, how and why they do the things they do, how they differ from the west and all the things i find fascinating about them.

  • MakuluLinux : Founded on the Idea that Linux does not have to be plain or boring or have limitations, you don't have to see the same desktop look and feel and same themes you see in 100 other distro's. There are some great Distro's out there, but they all look and feel the same, there is nothing that makes them fun to use, they look the same year after year after year, nothing that gives them that "wow" factor.  This is where Makulu tries to shine, it not only makes a good Distro, but affords the ability for the end user to feel really good about his Desktop environment. You always get great themes, a great layout, great wallpapers, great and mostly an unusual software selection that somehow just works and compliments the rest of the system. When you boot up MakuluLinux you get a very beautiful and user friendly environment, every single time, and it almost never looks the same as the previous version. Enjoying the ride to its destination, I have always tried to think out of the box and I will continue to do so ...

So this is my Life, I travel around Asia experiencing all the magic it has to offer, and I also work on a really great project that takes up the rest of my time, i am a very busy bee and i don't like Lazy people :)

Altho of course all this Greatly cuts  deeply into my wallet!

Your support will allow me to dedicate more time to making more videos and More Makulu Releases., I will constantly keep upping the quality and will always make videos regardless, but your help will ensure that there's even more content up on my channel each week! Also get access to secret content and behind the scenes insight into the world of Vietnam