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per music video project production, LP vinyl record mastering/pressi


Hello friends, fans and patrons, both Sandra and I agree, Patreon is a wonderful concept where artist and those who support the arts can get together and make magic happen. After all, art is a form of magic created between the performance artist and the audience.  Most of the songs I write have strong visual implications and therefore I would love to make a music video for almost every song. There's nothing like having good visuals while listening to music you love.  I have a recording and video studio in my house and have various formats for video production that would all be inter related. An example is I would like to share some of my creative process with my Patrons. I certainly would like you to enjoy my work and receive due credits for your contributions. To lead this creative life, that is my retirement dream (most want to play golf) I just want to play, record and create music and  video for my music. I have written over 100 songs that could be videos. that could keep me busy for several years not to mention I still write and record new ones.  This has always been one of the greatest loves and visions of my life. So friends it is up to you......the gates are open but I need financial support to be able to run with these projects which  I would so love to be able to do. Please give your support and know you will be rewarded as  patrons of the arts  who find joy in promoting creative culture and sustaining those who contribute artistically. Currently I am working on the first of the music video series. The song "Stone Man" music video will soon be posted to YouTube and to this site.
Your feedback and support is welcome! This program is currently under development.
My recent and current projects 
I am currently working toward creating storybook and clip libraries to create video background and production elements for most of the songs in my album releases. The song, "Stone Man",  I am currently producing and editing video, is the first song on the album and will be completed soon. The album release project is described below.
The album
Ray Stinnett's "Sun Tree @ Pepper West" Original Never Before Released Album recorded in 1969 at an underground Memphis studio. The Soulful and Psychedelic performances of "Sun Tree" in HQ audio from the original masters.
Currently being released on Ray's own AxeCut Records label. The first phase Nov. 29 2014 worldwide digital release. Second phase early in 2015 the CD with 16 pg booklet will be released.
Third phase depends on the patrons who want to share in the funding of the release on Vinyl as an LP with Art and Book.
Presenting a rare Time Warp journey to a place and time of major social change and the evolution of consciousness.
"Memphis 1969, the days of civil liberties and personal liberation. Now all of the influences of the 60's were at their peak and the music I had been composing for two years was ripe and ready for recording.
That's what Booker T. said when he heard me perform some of my songs and arrangements when I was jamming with some other musician friends."
During my chart topping (Wooly Bully) days of the mid 60's I shared the stage with the best National and International players. Broad musical influences began to color my creative style. Songwriting and recording is my passion. I have worked with Memphis best studio mentors including the legendary Booker T. Jones who produced these two albums with me as featured singer/songwriter artist.
TimeWarp Treasures from the Vault of the AxeMan:
In 2012 Light In The Attic Records released Ray's album, "A Fire Somewhere" recorded in 1971 for A&M Records but never before released. It was a major icebreaker and well received by reissue fans as well as those who were excited to hear this music for the first time.
Now! Another never before released album : Ray's underground sessions of 1969 "Sun Tree @ Pepper West"
Currently in 2014 AxeCut Records and AxeManMusic Publishing present this unique musical treasure recorded in Memphis 1969.
Ray Stinnett's Sun Tree @ Pepper West is an epic event that has never before been released or shared with the public until now. A family of friends effort that only happens once in a lifetime, featuring the artistry of Ray Stinnett as singer, songwriter, guitarist but is also rich with the contributions of all the players and singers including Sandra Stinnett, Priscilla Coolidge, Brenda Patterson and Booker T. Jones, Jerry Patterson, Mike Plunk, and Bruce Smith.

There will be lots more music and video coming out soon......
$5 of $1,000 per music video project production, LP vinyl record mastering/pressi
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