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About Ray Zombie

 Hello! My name is Ray, and thank you for taking the time to visit my Patreon page. I'm writing to you because I love you. I love that you watch my videos, my films, that you talk to me on Twitter, Instagram, everything. Without you watching I would not have the motivation to go out and make the videos that I do. Unfortunately, in order to go out and shoot, to make the films, to edit them and distribute them, it takes a lot of time and money.

  There's nothing more I want to do than continue my passion in filmmaking, to continue making personal pieces that mean a lot to me.  But in order to do that, I need your help. With your contribution and support, the opportunities are endless. 
   With your help, you will allow me to do what I love to do, and that's making videos and films that entertain you and others. Pledges help me out by allowing me to buy equipment, allowing me to work on/with more intimate and passionate subjects, and to overall make these films even better.
   They allow me the freedom to work without pressure. They allow me to work with even more people. They allow me to follow my passion, and in turn, provide you with quality content.

   Whether you contribute $1 or $100, or even just share this page, I humbly thank you for your support. I myself pledge to do what I can to make it worth it. 

Thank you, 

Ray Zombie


What's the purpose of the patreon?
  • To have the ability to go out and film more documentaries for you and for me. Whether it's wrestling, bands, artists, I want to have the opportunity to go out and make more documentaries. The only way to have time to film these passion projects is if I'm not out freelancing and working other jobs. 

Can you explain how the goals help?
  • $500 Goal - Every month I make a short showcasing A Wrestler / A Match / An Artist / Etc.
  Reaching this goal can get me a time of about 3 days to shoot and edit a small video. I like going to shows and shooting quick interviews and matches and tying them together into one neat package. These videos are usually 5 minutes. I'm doing them as a hobby right now and will continue to do them, but I can never prioritize time to them. If I get to $500, then I can almost guarantee that I'm going to at least one show a month. Hopefully, this can expand to other projects and showcasing other artists such as bands and painters. 
(Still freelancing)
Example 2

  •  $1500 Goal - Guarantee for an in-depth 5/10-minute film showcasing A Wrestler / An Artist / Etc.
  Reaching this I can guarantee that I'm going out and looking for a good story to tell. This is essentially an extension of the first goal.  Getting here will allow me to produce a 5 to 10-minute film, but I'm going to 100% do at least one every month. I would go more in depth in the video too, as I can take more time to make it and schedule interviews and such. Achieving this goal will allow me about a week's worth of time to work on these projects. 
Example 2
(Still freelancing) 

  • $2500 goal - Showcase videos + An in-depth mini-doc 
  At this point in the goals, I can cover rent and bills. Doing this will allow me the freedom to really research stories or people that I feel could really fit the style of the documentaries I produce. I can have three weeks to work on a couple of projects every month. More time and energy can be spent creating and focusing these films.
(Still freelancing, but not as much of a priority)

  • $4500 goal - The Dream. Long form Docs can be made. 
  Not only can I work on highlights or mini-docs, but I can save money to spend on bigger productions or work that takes a really long time to make. If you've seen my first feature documentary Wrestling With Independence, you can expect more work of that caliber. This means I can even fly to people or spend my time on the road getting the best stories I can. Doing this work is essentially my full-time job. And that would be dope. 
$26.36 of $500 per month
You help me alleviate the stress' of daily life and find the time to work on more small videos such as vlogs or one-off mini-shoots over a match or particular wrestler.
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