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About John Razimus

I'm John Razimus, I'm an occult researcher and independent investigator, researcher of the paranormal, occult, supernatural & esoteric subjects. In 2009 I started Hoax Hunter, I never became a youtuber to make money, I made Hoax Hunter to share the truth and expose the lies, I had no other motivation, this same motivation is carried with me with my ghost investigations.

I didn't focus on ghosts, demons, spirits back in 2009 because my experiences with the supernatural/paranormal were limited at the time, so limited I didn't think about the subject that often. I had belief in it but belief and knowledge when a spirit enters your room and begins moving objects is an entirely different story. I'm not the only one who has experienced poltergeist activity but the 6 months in the year 2011 is the pinnacle height of activity I've ever experienced, on a daily basis in a haunted room I rented, and hopefully it will always be the most activity I'll ever experience, as it was legitimately horrifying, but it caused me to build up a resistance to fear of these entities, I no longer fear them, when they enter my space I am startled at first, but then I recall back to the 2011 encounters and remember there is not much they can physically do, they are greatly limited in their abilities beyond fear, and when you no longer fear them you're in a state where you can easily seek them out to film them, or simply acknowledge they exist, and ignore them, but ignoring them won't cause them to cease to exist, these beings are intelligent and external to the mind of the human, few believe they exist these days, I know of a surety they exist.

I am now actively seeking out locations which are haunted to show, on video/audio a fraction of what I've experienced. The video/audio doesn't always translate well in terms of proof, but I love science, and I'd love to scientifically prove spirits exist. Spirits set off static electricity meters where few other things can do this, I've researched thoroughly what can and what cannot set off a static meter, neon signs, etc, it's easy to tell the difference with a little bit of experimentation. I don't rely on the static meters alone but it is a more scientific approach than filming an orb, orbs can be dust, reflections of light, moisture in the air, but on rare occasions spirits do appear as orbs, I was very dismissive of orbs not many years ago but I've witnessed intelligent movements from some orbs on video, and they've flown directly into and out of EMF meters, and these meters detected their existence.

A real youtuber gets paid every month, I do not, if I'm lucky I get paid once every 3 months, 3 months of work until the threshold is hit which is $100, so 3 months worth of work for $100 is discouraging. My videos views are up and down but I won't be removing them, I will be pushing forward with better content, better ghost investigations, I'm in the process of still trying to pay off the 3+ thousand dollars of ghost investigation equipment I've purchased, I'm only $600 away until it's all paid off, but even $1 helps motivate me to continue, thank you!

Mysterialis Ghost Investigation will continue, your help is greatly appreciated!

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Goal is for 100 patrons! All patrons are equally amazing! Please comment and tell me what type of videos you like to see! Thanks for keeping my channel alive!
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