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About R.B. Lemberg

Hello, friends! I am R.B. Lemberg, queer, bigender immigrant author and Nebula finalist (among other things). Birdverse is my LGBTQIA-focused multicultural secondary world. The world is named after its Bird deity. Birds are awesome.

This Patreon is where I share things I would not share anywhere else: snippets, poems, progress reports, thoughts on writing, all kinds of thoughts, drawings, paintings, doodles, letters characters write to each other, goats (goats are also awesome), essays, and more.

Birdverse Patreon is a happy place! Stretch goals help us unlock additional rewards and make them available to more people. Awesome things that Patrons unlocked so far:

If you haven't read anything set in Birdverse yet, I recommend Where to Start with Birdverse? An Infographic (also features links and content notes for easy reading). You do not have to be a Birdverse fan, or read any of my stories, to enjoy this Patreon.

My patrons are charged per month of support. Please make sure that you are choosing a level that makes you comfortable.

Thank you very much, and happy Patreoning!
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I will release a whimsical poem about the purrveyors of fine books everyw- CATS. It's about Bookselling CATS. In Birdverse. Yes! It will be a thing! Accompanied by a doodle of many cats.
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