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  • a mention on the Raging Chicken Radio podcast
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  • A mention on the Raging Chicken Radio podcast
  • An official Raging Chicken thank you card with a personal thank you note from our editor
  • Members-only access to our Discord Server!
  • Raging Chicken Press pin - made in the basement of Kevin Mahoney's home (with the help of his kids). 
PLUS: a choice of one of Raging Chicken's featured reads. Our current feature reads are: No Is Not Enough, by Naomi Klein; Necessary Trouble, by Sarah Jaffe; The Future We Want, edited by Sarah Leonard and Bhaskar Sunkara; and, This is an Uprising, by Mark and Paul Engler.
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About Raging Chicken Media

Raging Chicken, is a Pennsylvania-based left/progressive media site devoted to covering and helping build on-the-ground activism and communities of resistance. Our media work includes our main website, Raging Chicken Press; our social media pages; and Raging Chicken Radio - our series of podcasts launched in 2016

Our Background

Raging Chicken Press was founded in April 2011 by Kevin Mahoney on the heels of nation-wide attacks on working people, public education, women, and organized labor. After being swept into office with the Tea Party in 2010, the right-wing, Koch brothers-backed Governor of Wisconsin began an attack on workers’ right to collectively bargain. That attack quickly spread to Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Idaho, Florida, New Jersey, New York, and in our home state of Pennsylvania. What initially appeared to be the work of a “rogue” governor in Wisconsin, showed itself to be a coordinated, and well-funded effort by a new breed of Republicans and their corporate backers.

The right-wing in this country has been extremely successful at building an entire intellectual and political base over the past 40 years. They have invested in journalists, academic departments, think tanks, media networks, and grass roots institutions. From the beginning they knew that in order to win, they needed to invest for the long-haul. And they did. And now they are winning.

Progressives, liberals, and the Left more broadly has not invested in our own intellectual and political infrastructure. We are out spent, out organized, and our voices are often drowned out by the wall-to-wall media dominance by the right-wing and corporate media. At Raging Chicken Press, we decided to take up the call from Independent Media activists at the dawn of the 21st century who urged: "Don't Hate the Media, Become the Media." So, we are in this for the long haul. We actively pursue connections with other progessive media sites and journalists in the state to help build that progressive media network that we so badly need.

We can't do this without you. From the beginning, we have been rooted in the progressive, activist community. We don't have billionaire backers and we don't want to have to rely upon corporate advertising to fund what we do. We want to be responsive to you...fellow activists, public intellectuals, and progressives of all stripes. Help us build this movement. Become and member today!
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