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Hello boys and girls and welcome to yours and mine Patreon Community! I appreciate you taking the time to come here as it tells me you appreciate the time, energy and effort I put into making videos and live radio / podcasts.  Some pretty big things are in the works for the future, and I'd love for you to be part of it all.

As part of our Patreon community you get MORE ACCESS to me, exclusive content, direct answers to your questions, content updates, unique community content, behind the scenes info, new videos and podcasts, prize giveaways and much, much more! By you becoming a ongoing supporting member of the community, you'll help me create more consistent content while getting exclusive perks / rewards.

Patreon provides a fun and unique way to participate in your favorite creator's community and pay them for making the content you love. You have total control over paying a few dollars for content a creator makes.

So take for example, every month I will be releasing two to three episodes of 30 with Lee, that covers reviewing movies from past and present. I also release 1-2 episodes of WRESTLING WITH THE TOPICS co-hosted by the Lovely Tammy and a bonus RCWR Show episode. Tour card is charged $5 total the beginning of the new month. Typically your charged within the 1st 5 days. You have control over how long you'd like to be charged but keep in mind the way Patreon is setup it's to monthly support your favorite creator or per creation.

I always strive for interacting and establishing a connection with my viewers and listeners on a more personal level. By creating a Patreon-supported community, I can connect with you on a deeper level while providing unique content that you the Patreon community will have a big hand in creating.
Here is what I can do with help from my Patreon Community:
  • PRODUCE BETTER CONTENT! Better overall quality of the stuff I produce visually, and professionally. I can also stay on top of keeping our podcast app up to date, manage website hosting and bandwidth fees, keeping Patreon-Only episodes AD FREE, as well as quarterly to monthly renewal fees for domains, licenses, etc.

In all honesty? Your money goes to the content I cover on each show and also show expenses such as website maintenance, bandwidth, covering local and out of state events be it a sporting or entertainment event as well equipment needed for the show. Your support has a tremendous domino effect as it also trickles down to the creation of more content for the community. It also ensures that episodes of WRESTLING WITH THE TOPICS, and 30 WITH LEE, PATREON editions of THE RCWR SHOW continue to be heard AD FREE. IT also ensures that episodes of  the NON-PATREON edition of THE RCWR SHOW heard weekly live remains FREE for all. It also goes towards contest I'll make available exclusive to PATREON and NON-PATREON members. Proud to say that NOT one dime of your money is pocketed for personal expenses like food, car insurance, mortgage, etc. Your support will allow me to optimize different aspects of my time and life so I can free up as much of it as possible in order to serve you as a community. Seriously to those able to contribute I am forever in your gratitude and very appreciative of your ongoing offering.

Pleased to meet you...Nice to know me! I am one of the most passionate, opinionated, honest radio / podcast personalities you'll ever come across. To a degree what you see and hear is the same guy you'll come across in real life that you'll want to share a few beers with and just get lost in great conversation for hours at a time. I've been a fan of pro wrestling ( which a big bulk of listeners have come to know and love ) since the mid 1980's. Along the way I've befriended people that not only shared the love of this hobbie but also wanted to break into the industry. I've helped friends over the years with putting a portfolio together to get noticed by a promotion, participated in the early stages of co-running a promotion, creating promos, calling matches, even once getting in the squared circle. Sadly any dreams or aspirations were cut short with a nasty bump I did in that same match that ended any chance of being a legit wrestler. Despite that I still kept helping out friends and kept the passion for loving the sport alive. Then in 2011 I decided to break out into the world of internet radio and take to the airwaves with my take on all things wrestling related. Fast forward to the present and it's now seven years, The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders has entertained audiences worldwide with its unique blend of up-to-the-minute news and incisive, entertaining commentary on wrestling, entertainment and beyond. Through my show I've had the opportunities of a lifetime in talking to the people that played a huge part in the man I am today. Guests that include Cress Williams, star of the hit TV series BLACK LIGHTNING on THE CW, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, WWWF Legend Bruno Sammartino, DDP Yoga and WCW alumni Diamond Dallas Page, Sadermania Director Adam Gacka, Radio Personality and host of That Metal Show on VH1 Classic, Eddie Trunk, Matt Hardy, Chavo Guerrero and many, many, many more!

I was born in Chicago and now I reside in the nation's capital. From an early age I knew the performing arts were going to be my career, and I've been preparing for this very opportunity ever since. I attended the prestigious Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C., alma mater of world-famous entertainers like Ben Williams, Dave Chappelle and Stacey Lattisaw. It was there I learned from distinguished and experienced mentors and sharpened my ambition to pursue the kind of creative excellence I was able to participate in for so many years.

-Lee with Stan Lee at the 2017 Awesome Con event. REST IN PEACE STAN LEE 1922-2018-

I personally believe there has never been a better time to be an entertainer. The opportunities I have to shape my industry and to capture for my audience the true essence of the one-man show are far too compelling to languish only in my dreams. My goal is to shine a spotlight on what I know will be a landmark effort and new direction for independent broadcasting. I want that light to be so bright nobody can resist at least giving my show a chance to win them over.

To do that, I need your help and participation. This isn't just about donations, equipment and paying bills. This is about building a community around a vision. I'm not going to set up a camera and microphone to talk at you. I'm going to build a team around the best production values, the best equipment and tools and the greatest one-man features lineup since the lights first went on in the Ed Sullivan theater. I want to invite you to join me and others in my audience to explore possibilities others haven't considered yet.

Multiple times we've ranked in the top 1000 shows on Stitcher. We're currently in the top 10 shows on Spreaker in the category of WRESTLING. I've already had exclusive celebrity interviews. I already have thousands of downloads and thousands of live plays. We have momentum, excitement and potential. I want this to go to the next level but in order to do that I need your help.

Consider joining my campaign. We've got the talent and the track record. Now we need the tools. We're going to set the standard and the only way I know to guarantee we are at the top of the list is to meet and exceed your expectations show by show, week by week. This isn't just my project. It's your project too. I want you to be satisfied with your contribution and feel like you're getting what you deserve: the best show in the business.

Thank you for your time and attention.
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Some of the very best podcasters and radio personalities use elite equipment that's out on the market which means better sounding, more professional shows. With your contributions we can finally tackle this once and for all as the domino effect will be tremendous. Not only will listeners benefit from this but any potential clients interested in doing business with us. This means more opportunities to attract more listeners! Better Mics, webcam, swivel mount studio microphone boom arm, mixer, recording travel equipment for on-location interviews is the ultimate achivement and with your help we can this possible.
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