Nickolai Filipanov

is creating stuff like video games!
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Good lord!...

...since I am one of these bastards that hate business paywalls, you may have all the goods I'll post here!..if I am actually going to do it, but I thank you nonetheless. :3




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About Nickolai Filipanov


...yes, it's me. That Nickolai Filipanov punk writing.

So welcome to this thing, I guess. The only real thing on here that should be trusted.
But the thing is that I probably won't put up some stuff here until when the needed time comes,
so for now - you can enjoy staring at this patheticly empty space or...maybe tip me I guess?

...I dunno. But overtime if my life situation gets worse I will let you know soon.
And maybe update this "About" part aswell. So yeah, feel free to stay. It's not gonna go anywhere anytime soon...though I didn't make tea for you, because I didn't expect any guests here, so yeah.

In the meantime you can follow the development of the game I am currently working on here.

So yeah, have a good day.
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