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About Raspberry Dream Labs

We are a team of artists and engineers drawn together to create innovative multi-sensory solutions for cybersex. Our focus is to investigate the potential of humans' multi-sensory capacity and improve the relationship people have with their own sexuality, themselves, and others. Sexual well-being is not to be ashamed of, but an essential part of everyone’s life. We’re setting out to break the taboos concerning sexuality and create a healthy sex-positive future by introducing a new era of sexual experiences that are no longer restricted by the limitations of the human body.

In September 2019 we conducted our first Immersive Study, a pilot of a larger on-going project - Sensory Seduction - artistic R&D project exploring the nature of multi-sensory sexual arousal and how it can be implemented and shared between multiple individuals in Virtual Reality (VR). We invited participants to attend experience either individually and with a partner. Upon the arrival, participants were given VR headset and pieces of haptic and olfactory technology to wear and were plunged into 3 virtual worlds where we were stimulating them via various sensory triggers. The results of this study were submitted to the academic journal.

After the successful completion of the pilot, we learned that 80% of our participants are dreaming about “more tactile” experiences. To make this a reality we are building a mixed reality enclosed interactive play space where every physical interaction has a sensory response on the participant in both physical and simulated realities.

Help us design & develop Sensory Seduction 0.2 - Mixed Reality Multi-Sensory Playroom - which is a continuation of the work we started in September 2019. This version of the experience will takes participants further into the posthuman future exploring the nature of multi-sensory sexual arousal in mixed reality questioning what sexual experience are to be like when humans will overcome the limitations of a physical body and a need for biological reproduction.

It is a multi-sensory experience, meaning that it is designed to trigger all 5 senses - vision, sound, smell, touch, and taste - brought into reality through the fusion of immersive technologies, such as VR and haptics, carefully crafted set design and one-on-one theatrical human interaction.

A first experience will be designed for 2 participants at a time and would last about an hour, however as we grow the experience will become available for the groups and can be co-experienced by participants located in the different parts of the world. In addition to the full-featured experience, we will also release an optimized downloadable VR app integrated with the consumer sex toys for long-distance relationship users.

Why do we need your help?

Talented people
- Our team currently consists of 0 full-timers. We are all very passionate about the project and all are very keen to bring it into the reality, but at the moment none of us can afford to work on it full time, as bills need to be paid and we all have to take side hustles to keep as alive, whilst some of us still work at our “regular” full-time positons which we all would love to quit and commit to this on 100%, Raspberry Dream Labs is capable of so much more and many of its parts need more attention and time to fully utilize its novel architecture and achieve great things and for that, we need to be able to afford more time.

Running costs and R&D
- This project is very experimental and incorporated cutting edge research with soft robotics, haptic devices and biometric technologies. Electronic components, silicon, 3D printing, off the shelf devices - all these cost money every month to experiment with. With your help we can pay for these services and progress with the research and move closer to the end goal.

Promotion and Brand Awareness
- It doesn’t matter how great is our project if nobody knows about it. We need passionate users to build the core of our community and help spread the word and help us grow.

- We re building Sensory Seduction not for the sake of our own artistic egos, but for people to confront their sensual sexuality and desires. That’s why the more people share their perspectives, feedback needs, the more we will able to tailor the experience to make it more universal and flexible.

Where Does the Money Go?

80% of Pledges are funneled back creating new content. This includes:
  • Creative Direction
  • Production & Project Management
  • CGI 3D modeling
  • Animation
  • Script Writing
  • Sound Design
  • Programming
  • Set Design
  • Optimization
  • High-Quality Rendering
  • Soft Robotic Experiments & Development
  • Graphic & Marketing Material Design
  • Event Promotion
  • Costume Design
  • Theatrical Performance

With your support we will be able to move forward towards our dream, design and develop new parts of the experience and share with you our latest progress and multiple of cool perks. When you join us on this journey you will be the first to see Sensory Seduction 0.2. materialize in this reality and get your hands on the build files.

Alongside Sensory Seduction we are also working "UNSENSORED series" - a project designed to grow community, brand and subject awareness by building strong emotional connections with our audience through multiple interactive touchpoints. “UNSENSORED series” is unraveling how multi-sensory technologies are re-defining and revolutionizing sexual experiences, engaging people in the sensory exploration, increasing and improving sexual wellbeing through the series of talks (bi-monthly), workshops (coming soon) & parties (quarterly).

Event through the primary goal of this channel is to support the development of Mixed Reality Multi-Sensory Playroom we will have occasional goals to support this “UNSENSORED series” too. Perks included in the tiers will also include benefits associated with this project and all other RDL events.
$128.74 of $203.32 per month
When we reach £150 we purchase buttplug.io compatible devices to run tests and get a step closer to the development of a completely remote multi-player cyber-sex experience.
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