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About The RE Squad

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Patreon page. The place where we ramble about things you probably already know if you've read the blog.

Anyways, recently Daax completed my Intel VT-x series, and have decided to start a new series of articles under the main title Applied Reverse Engineering. I plan on continuing with a variety of publications that will (hopefully) inspire readers to pursue new projects and continue learning about new topics.

In the mean time he plans to write the Applied RE series in parallel with the articles on implementing EPT (Extended Page Tables) for Intel VMX, followed by x2APIC virtualization, and then I hope to publish a better series on the development of an AMD SVM, with NPT. That'll be reeeeeaaaal interesting.

In between all these series I'll be publishing some cool new things I've been trying out with detecting hypervisors, some neat tricks with the Windows Kernel, and some other miscellaneous articles. Recently, I've been looking into DRM and Anti-cheat technologies and have found some real interesting things... stay tuned.

If you've read the publications and enjoy the content then I'm excited to tell you there's more coming! Oh, and if you're new to reverse engineering topics check out the new series published below!

Thanks for taking the time to visit the Patreon page! Cheers.
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When I reach 15 patrons I'll devote more time to release video tutorials versus writing and put any income toward a production suite to make quality videos. Maybe with transcriptions too since I still love writing.
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