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About Steven Miller

My name is Steven Miller and I'm one of the world's foremost Real Housewives Literary Scholars. In January 2018, I started on a journey to read every book written by a Real Housewife of Bravo. I decided to turn that reading challenge into an opportunity to podcast about the TV I love and talk with my friends about our shared obsessions. The Reading Housewives Podcast was born. 

I'm so happy that listenership has grown, and I've learned so much about the process of recording and editing along the way. Support from my friends has been so key to the success.

Unfortunately, running a podcast is costly. The costs to record, host audio files, commission artwork, create a website, and purchase books adds up quickly! I want to build this podcast to cover all the books written by the housewives, and also dive into books written by friends of the housewives. Ideally I'd like to be able to hire editors and marketers, upgrade equipment, and build the podcast experience, but it's hard to grow when facing financial hurdles.

Thank you so much for checking out the page and the podcast, and I hope that you'll consider donating or spreading the word! 

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