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Coin Baby

$10 /mo
At this tier you're supporting the CoinDaddy project and allowing me to focus on this full time to create amazing interesting content

Young Nakamoto

$25 /mo
At this tier I will personally record a voicemail for you whenever you like, and other custom audio based on your request. You can sleep well at night knowing you're supporting a crypto pimp on his...

Satoshi Superstar

$50 /mo
At this tier you've definitely closed at least one position in profit. I will not only record custom audio for you, I will make a song based on your topic of choice (within reason), if it falls in ...

Tone Vays

$100 /mo
At this level you're the real OG. I will not only give you the rewards of all the above tiers; I will record a custom thank you. I will also be your child's figurative Coinfather and send them Thou...


$250 /mo
If you have $250 to give me you really do believe in this mission to bring Crypto culture mainstream. Thank you.

Coin Daddy

$500 /mo
I'm speechless. You can have my cell phone. Call me about anything.