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Behind-the-scene content about making and extending Realistis game.
For creative and challenged people with a soul.

Segments you'll find on this channel:
  • Think beyond and stay focused
  • Realistis Insights
  • Maker Tips for Beginners: Blender, Krita, Godot, Unity, VSCode, Github, OBS, and a lot more
  • 2D & 3D world scale creation (and why more than 34'500x18'000 px maps)
  • Best Price for merchandise: Posters, playing cards, ...
  • Voiceovers
  • Search Differently (the best thing I learned so far)
  • 3D Animation under $100
  • Story Architecture
  • Non-linear narration
  • Your own server sysadmin
  • Extra challenges to change
  • Making card and board games
  • Digital Marketing: Strategy, analytics, twtterbots, studies, aggregation)
  • ... more to come

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