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About Reality Ajar

Hi!  I'm Joe Byrne!
I'm currently creating artwork under the handle Reality Ajar!  I'm a graphic designer from the UK and art and Illustration have been a part of my life since I first started reading comics.  With your support on Patreon, I can afford to give it even greater priority, and offer you exclusive rewards and early access to my artwork!

Some projects I'm working on!

The big project I'm contributing art for is High Elo Girls; a free visual novel about an all-women's team competing for glory in the League of Legends Esports scene! 

You play as a young college drop-out and high-ranked LoL player; approached by Momentum gaming (MMG) to join as their substitute player and train alongside them.  There you meet five other young women, each with their own backstories, personalities and unique outlooks on life.  Will you be able to help forge them into a cohesive team and pull out an Ace?  Or will the trials of the MLG lifestyle leave you with an early surrender vote?

All patrons will get access to high-quality versions of the art assets I'm creating for it, and $5 patrons will get to see some of the concept art and other behind-the-scenes info for it!

High Elo Girls is near and dear to my heart, and I'm really excited for you to see what I and the rest of the team have been cooking!

Another personal project that I've been working on and off on has the working title of 'Star Dogs'; a science-fantasy comic set in the wake of a collapse of an interstellar empire.  Heavily inspired by the work of Moebius, the Ghibli film Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind and Dark Souls.  Since starting work on High Elo Girls; it's taken a back seat, but once HEG wraps up, I'm hoping to gear back into pre-production soon!

Patrons will receive any and all updates to Star Dogs before anyone else, and get to take part in Star Dogs-related polls!

Thank you so much for your time checking over my patreon!  If you'd prefer to make a one-time donation, you can buy me a coffee!  Or if you would like to drop me a line, you can do so at my twitter @RealityAjar!
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