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At the start of the very first episode of Reality Bomb, we gave our mission statement: “Once a month, more or less, we hope to take you around the world of Doctor Who fandom—to connect you with the interesting debates, share some news and just make jokes about serial codes and David Tennant’s ties because we’re the only people who get such things."

We did this because Doctor Who fandom is one of the smartest, one of the funniest, the most creative and one of quirkiest groups of people on earth. Doing a show about them is frankly perfect radio: articulate, intelligent and funny. Often at the same time.

And that's what we've been doing with Reality Bomb for five years. Trying to do a full on, magazine style radio show (using a podcast method of delivery) to capture the incredible thought and creativity of Doctor Who fans. We hope we've been innovative in that, delivering a program that includes interviews, audio essays, documentaries, comedy sketches, spoken word editorials, songs and much, much more.

Reality Bomb will always be a free podcast. We do this for the love of Doctor Who and we like making radio. We see this as a "tip jar" that will cover our basic expenses and allow us to buy new audio gadgetry. We're not going to provide upper tier rewards or anything like that. If you like what we're doing and can afford it, kick in a little bit every month to ensure we can provide the best possible podcast you'll hear.

Thanks so much!
-- Graeme Burk and Joy Piedmont, producers of Reality Bomb
$50 - reached! per month
Our most popular comedy sketch will return with a special two-part episode where McDonough and Peters go undercover... ah, anything else would be a spoiler!
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