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Welcome to the club... or group!  This is where things really start getting good!  Our $5.00 a month Patreons will gain access to our private facebook group exclusively for our "patreons"!  This is a community for you all (and us) so you better play nice!  We are all about community here at YRR and I'm REALLY excited to meet all of you in a more personal setting.   

Now, this really means a lot to us, and because of that we are going to give you our sincere thanks so much quicker then we did those "1 dollar people"!  We are kidding of course!  Your controbution means everything to us and we cant thank you enough!
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HEY EVERY BUDDIES!  Lets do a "private show"!   

Once we get at least 10 people at this reward level we are going to do a private show just for you all once a month!  Its live and will be streamed to our private facebook group.  Oh, yea... you are now part of that too!  These shows are cool because you're not competing with the YouNow crowd.  And we will talk about what you want us to talk about. Nothing is off limits, and these shows wont be available to the public... they are just for those of you who donate $10.00 (or more) per show!  So you want spoilers, reality star gossip that we cant share publicly... well this your way to get it!  And no... get your minds out of the gutters... I said, "TALK ABOUT" we're not making an adult film for you!  We will discuss all the things there which we cant say in public! It's called "behind the paywall" people and there we are fancy free!

So what are you waiting for?! Are we not at 10 people yet...? Looks like it's time to tell your friends about us!
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$20.00?!  Are YOU for real NOW?!  Well then here is the deal:

You get nothing special!  Well besides access to the private facebook group and monthly show.  I mean, clearly if you have $20.00 to burn on us, then you must be able to afford anything else I could temp you with.  I will however remember who you are during our YouNow shows... and I'll be sure to show you a little bit of extra love and attention.  Oh, and just so just know, your $20.00 is REALLY HELPFUL TO US!  So much more helpful than the "$1.00" crowd...   P.s. You do get I'm joking and really do love and appreciate all donations right? I just love the $20.00 a month ones a little more. :o)




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Hello Everyone... Hopefully 2015 Won't Be Goodbye
Thank you for taking a few minutes to consider supporting us.  For the past 5 years we have brought you exclusive content from your favorite reality tv shows for free in the form of blogs, video recaps, comedic mashups, reality star interviews, podcasts and daily vlogs! We have prize giveaways, chat live with you during the tv broadcasts of shows, and interact with you social media!  Recently we were at the Reality TV awards, streamed the Reality Rally for you, brought you inside the Big Brother Canada house, and are currently creating Big Brother recaps, 24/7 lives feeds updates, bravo recap shows and podcasts reading you the housewives blogs!  We love our Your Reality Recaps community and that’s why we always make you all part of the shows!   But now we need your help!

As you can imagine covering these events, live streaming, hosting, creating new content daily, putting out blogs, shows, podcasts and more costs a lot of money.  It also takes a lot of time and we (Jon, Eric, Dana and the bloggers) are a small team of people who do this in addition to our real jobs.   Unfortunately we don't have the time and financial ability to do it for free anymore.  Which I wish I could make into some sort of a joke... but it breaks my heart to have to go down this road.  

So here is the deal... if you like all the content we produce daily and want us to keep doing it, consider making a monthly donation even $1.00 a month would help.  THAT IS LITERALLY PENNIES A DAY!   Or donate more if you want to help us create even more audio and video content plus bring you access to your favorite reality tv stars and shows.  If we can raise at least $500.00 a month from our Patreons we will be able to keep Reality Recaps up and running.  

Or you don't have to do anything... we will continue to cover Big Brother 17 this summer, and finish out the summer with our Bravo shows and podcasts and then close our doors.  We really hope it doesn't come to that.  Plus I think we are offering some pretty amazing rewards ... I know you are gonna love em!  And its depending on what you are willing to pay per month, we are litereally talking pennies per show!  We are worth pennies to you right?  Please tell me we are... my heart couldn't handle hearing other wise.

Oh and if you want to ACTUALLY SEE the type of stuff we do... take a look at our last patreon video below... but just keep in mind this info is totally last year!   

$151.62 of $500 per month
As you can imagine it cost a lot of money in sever space, bandwidth plus hard drives to hold and distribute our content all year long.  It averages out to about $3000.00 a year which we personally pay our of pocket.  With your support we can keep providing you all with our video recaps, podcasts, cast interviews, blogs, vlogs, contests and prizes the whole year for free.  While 25 cents may not seem like a lot to you, if everyone who watches our shows did it we would have this covered!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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