The Realms of Trinity is creating & operating a Neverwinter Nights 2 Persistent World


$5 /mo
Your game account will be credited with 5 Wish Shards., 50,000 gold pieces, and you will have access to the latest item drop catalog upon request.  Be sure to provide your Bioware Community Name / ...

Patron - Bronze

$10 /mo
You will gain the following in game features: 

- Ability to skip the first campaign at no Wish Shard shard cost (other conditions still apply). 

- Ability to remov...


Patron - Silver

$15 /mo
You will gain all Patron - Bronze features and the following:

- a 25% Bonus Party XP per creature kill. 

- Account will be credited with an amount of gold and/or Wish Sha...


Patron - Gold

$20 /mo
 You will gain all Patron - Silver and Patron - Bronze features and the following:

- Extreme Difficulty Play Mode drops are 15% more likely to show up in your bags. 

- 2 ...



$300 /mo
You will gain all Patron features permanently, IE as long as the Realms of Trinity is available.  All previous donations will cumulatively count towards this total.  This support level is intended ...