is creating a network to promote future funk

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Super appreciated donations. Love you much for this!

Las donaciones son super apreciadas. ¡Te quiero mucho por esto!


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Your $3 keeps this madness happening! Funky!

¡Sus $3 mantienen esta locura sucediendo! ¡Funky!


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I do not know what to say! Thank you. With your support, I will be much closer to creating the future funk network of my dreams.

¡No se que decir! ¡Muchas gracias! Con su apoyo, estaré más cercas de crear la network de future funk de mis sueños.




Do you know Patreon? Do not? It is the best way to support, economically, people you follow with relish. Be it Youtubers, illustrators, content creators.

I want to create content that you enjoy, that makes you more bearable day or night. Besides what I do best (or what I am less regular) is what makes me happy.

My goal is to obtain a budget to finance the channel, create merchandise and find a way for Real Love Music to become more than just a YouTube channel.

If you like the content of my channel, and you want to help me to make it bigger and more beautiful, you can support me here. I want to dedicate myself to creating the biggest channel of future funk for my enjoyment and yours. Since always, offer a wide variety of aesthetic sounds directly and just for you. Be aware of this space, because I am sure that the future funk will encourage you every day.

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