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About Real Progressives

Real Progressives aims to facilitate the sociopolitical and economic paradigm shift necessary to save not just our country, but also our world, from itself. Through education, activism, media, and policy measures, we believe that we can achieve these goals together with YOUR help!! We are starting off our first campaign in order to help us maintain our website and polish our YouTube content. Please consider helping out as much as possible.

*Note: While Real Progressives is striving for non-profit status, we're not there yet so pledges are not considered tax deductible. Thanks for helping us move forward. 
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Real Progressives is developing a collaborative suite that will allow us to work with other external progressive groups to build a movement to educate, activate and mobilize to change the world. 

Thanks to your continued generous contributions, we have been able to incorporate and begin the process of becoming a 501c3, c4 and deliver both policy and practice through a grass roots based movement.

*We need equipment for our podcasts like our new show about to begin "Macro and Cheese" which will present macroeconomics in a fun and engaging way.

*Documentaries we are aiming to create that will show the effects of austerity on people, planet and shared prosperity.

* Attending and creating seminars and teaching boot camps to equip people with the tools they need to educate and mobilize.

*Legal expenses

* Software services

*Production equipment and services

*Building an education apparatus to deliver global broadcasts

*Establishing a ROKU channel

* Attracting experts to join Real Progressives to make us even more effective.

* To build systens that will allow us to mobilize and educate on demand.

*and to keep our web presence thriving and maturing into new opportunities beyond and improve our video content on YouTube.

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